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  • 软件类型:游戏工具
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  • 更新时间:2018-03-17 22:27
  • 软件类别:游戏工具
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Numpad 0 - Infinite HP/Health
- Keeps your party safe from most damage
Numpad 1 - Infinite MP
- Keeps you and your party members mana full att all times
Numpad 2 - Set Max HP
- Allows you to customize the party's max amount of HP
Numpad 3 - Set Strength
- Allows you to customize the party's strength
Numpad 4 - Set Gils
- Allows you to set a custom amount for Gil - Use Editor to alter value
Numpad 5 - Set AP
- Allows you to set a custom amount for AP - Use Editor to alter value
Numpad 6 - Infinite Spells
- Speels equiped wont run out whilst on
Numpad 7 - Instant Spell Cooldowns
Cooldowns of spells will be instant - allowing you to reuse them instantly
Numpad 8 - Infinite Fish Line Durability
- while fishing and reeling the fish in, the line wont break
Numpad 9 - Instant Fish Line Reeling
- while capturing fish, this will capture it very fast
Insert Key - Fill Max Powers/Techniques
- Allows you to instantly fill the power meter for techniqueswhile in battle
Delete key - Infinite Fuel/vehicle
- Your vehicles wont run out on fuel
End Key - Pause Decision Time/Conversation
- Allows you to pause to make the right decision with no stress
F2 - Speed Up
- Speeds Things up
F3 - Bullet Time/Slowmotion
- Slows down time
F4 - Set No Hunger
- You and your party neever get hungry
F5 - Super Speed
Allows you to move faster then the rest
F10 - Set Character EXP抯
- Allows you to specify which character/Characters to improve with a custom amount of exp
- Note: Set the EXP before you Camp/rest and when the resting is over you will have leveled up
F11 - Edit & Set Item Amount - Currently Selected!
- Allows you to edit each indevidual items in the item menu - note some category cant be edited due to you only needing 1
Waypoint Teleporter:
F9 - Teleport To Waypoint Marker
- Allows you to set a marker and teleport to that marker - press and set a marker on the world map
- next press the F9 key and wait a second or so, then re-enter the game and you will teleport close to the marker
- Note: Dont overdo it for too long distances as you may get stuck and will have to retry a new location untill your not.
f6 - Store Location
f7 - Teleport
f8 - Undo Teleportation

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